Top Tips for Choosing the Best Investment Platform

Choosing an investment platform or opportunity is a delicate and critical decision to make. Investment is done to help increase your source of income and provide funds for the rainy day. However, a wrong investment can put you at risk of losing your current money, put you in debt, or give you returns that are not worthwhile. Before investing in any platform, you need to conduct some research and determine if it is the best and right investment opportunity for you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your investment platforms such as its ROI (return on investment), risk rate, and simplicity. Here are a few tips to help you in choosing the best investment platform in Nigeria

Set Realistic Financial Goals and Objectives

One mistake investors make is to start investing without creating financial goals and objectives. Every investment platform has its advantage, but it needs to meet your financial goals before it can be the right investment for you. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by investing. You can invest for education, future children’s upkeep, marriage, buying a house/car, or retirement. Set realistic and timely goals. You can invest for a long term event(10 years plus) or a shorter-term event (1-5 years). The timeliness of meeting these goals will determine the amount of money you should invest with and the platform that gives you the best opportunity to meet your goals.

Understand the Investment Platform

Before going into any investment, it is essential to conduct extensive research on the intricacy of the platform. Understand how it works, how long it takes to receive returns, and its level of risk. It is easy to get turned off by long terms and conditions and just agree. However, this can be a mistake that could rob you of your returns. Don’t join any investment blindly. Ensure you are filled with enough information about it, and you’re confident in it. The research made can save you from making the wrong investment.

Avoid Quick Money Schemes

Quick money schemes are investment platforms that claim to double your investment or give an insanely high ROI within a short time. There are investment platforms that promise up to 200% ROI within weeks or a month. Investments are generally long term and so do not yield immediate returns. In the thin line of these types of investment platforms, you will notice hidden terms and conditions that can end up making you completely lose your funds. Avoid quick money schemes. Invest in only legitimate platforms with great credibility and transparency.


More oft6en than none, investment platforms with high returns have a greater risk. The higher the returns offered, the higher the risk. Just as there are risky investments with higher returns, there are guaranteed investments with little or no-risk with moderate returns. You need to decide if you can withstand high risk or stay on the safer side with no-risk investment platforms like Sycamore. Knowing your risk appetite is an essential tip in choosing your investment platform. Once you can decide on the level of risk you can take, it will become clearer to select your investment platform.


Before investing in any platform, it is advisable to also talk to a few people who have used or are currently using the platform to know how the agency relates to investors. It is crucial to note that these reviews should not be the only basis for investing in any investment platform. Carry out your research first before checking reviews. While investing, and after receiving your first ROI, you should also evaluate the platform to determine if it is meeting your financial goals or if it isn’t a worthy investment.

Take your time in choosing your investment platform. A wrong investment can put you in a major loss. Determine if it is the right investment for you before putting your money into it. Sycamore is a peer to peer lending platform in Nigeria that offers great returns. We offer safe investments with a guaranteed return on investment. We are transparent and trustworthy to all our investors. Visit www.sycamore.ng to join our investors today.


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