Top Business/Finance Personalities to Follow on Twitter

As a Nigerian entrepreneur or business/ finance enthusiast, there are a few Twitter handles you should follow to broaden your knowledge of finance. Twitter is a social media platform that allows 280 characters per tweet (text). This has made users post simple and straightforward messages. However, videos, images, and live streams are also used on this platform.

Although the information passed through texts (tweets) are limited, you can garner unlimited information on business and finance by following the right handles. These compiled top personalities offer informative posts on business ideas, opportunities, investment, and what it takes to run a successful business in Nigeria. The information they offer can expand your reasoning capacity, and grow your knowledge of business and finance. Here are the top business /finance personalities you should follow on Twitter.

1. Dr. Ola Brown (@NaijaFlyingDr)

Dr. Ola Brown is the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria. She is also part of the board of directors in Greentree Investment Company, a venture capitalist company in Lagos. Dr. Brown’s tweets and contents are filled with information on investment, policymaking, economics, corporate governance, and healthcare, among others. She also offers content on career and personal development. She is knowledgeable about various business and finance topics and presents them in an easily understood way.

2. Moe Odele (@Mochievous)

Moe Odele is a finance attorney, investor, and international business consultant. She also has expertise in innovative financing, startup advisory, and social entrepreneurship. Just by her portfolio, it is visible that she has a lot to offer in the business and finance world. 

Moe runs a social enterprise called “Scale My Hustle” that helps entrepreneurs build a better-structured business. She is enthusiastic about sharing practical tips to help people in their financial and everyday life. Her tweets and contents include entrepreneurship tips, startup tips, healthy financial tips, and other related issues.

3. Sim Shagaya (@simshagaya)

Sim Shagaya is the CEO of Ulesson.com and the founder of Konga.com. He is the founder of several companies in Nigeria. Listed as one of the top 10 most powerful men in Africa in Forbes Mazagine (2014), he is a personality to follow and learn from. He shares tweets and other content about building a business, investment in Nigeria, and his personal experience of running a successful business in Nigeria. As an entrepreneur, it is highly recommended that you follow him on Twitter to learn about the opportunities and challenges of building a business in Nigeria.

 4. Iyinoluwa Samuel Aboyeji (@iaboyeji)

He is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of Andela, Flutterwave, and Future Africa. He is passionate about changing Africans narrative of being in poverty, destitution, and lack. His tweets are tailored towards entrepreneurship, building a business, and his past experiences as an entrepreneur. From time to time, he also tweets about business, career, and investment opportunities. You will certainly learn essential things from him. He is a personality that every business or finance enthusiast should follow.

5. Sycamore (@SycamoreNG)

Sycamore is a peer to peer lending platform that offers investment opportunities and offers loans to businesses and individuals in Nigeria. They tweet about investment tips and opportunities, learning financial terms, savings, and attaining financial stability. Sycamore is a brand personality that you should follow.

  There are several handles you should follow on social media to help you stay abreast in the business and financial world. Business opportunities can come at any point in time, consistently following key personalities that have quality content to offer that could prepare you for such opportunities.


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