Top Business/Finance Personalities to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is often known and used for relaxation and entertainment purposes. People often scroll through their Instagram feeds to watch funny videos, connect with people, and relax during leisure hours. There are a lot of hours spent on social media that are used for only relaxation. However, there are personalities- both individuals and brands, which you can follow to learn quality business and financial tips/ information on your Instagram page.

At every point in time, you should endeavor to learn about business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Instagram makes use of images, videos, and texts, and these means are often used to spread great content on the network. By following these top personalities, you can get access to several business tips, investment opportunities, saving tips, and lots more. Here are a few personalities to follow on Instagram and learn about business/ finance.

1. Sycamore (@sycamoreng)

When it comes to learning about finance, @sycamoreng offers a lot of value. They have content such as finance vocabulary, where you can learn new words in the business and finance world, Investment tips, business/motivational quotes, investment opportunities, business funding, and other vital content on business and finance. By following them on Instagram, you will be sure to stay updated in the finance world.

2. Ife Durosimi- Etti (@ifedurosinmietti )

Ife Durosimi-Etti is an entrepreneur and investor in Nigeria. On her Instagram page, she offers webinars, live videos, and videos, and quotes on; investment, business opportunities, and entrepreneurial tips and grants. Her content also includes guests on her live stream that discuss investment opportunities whether in stocks, fintech, and others. From time to time, she also offers funding and grants to entrepreneurs in Nigeria. She is one personality to follow on Instagram and learn things from.

 3. Dr. Dipo Awojide (Ogbenidipo)

Dr. Dipo is a senior lecturer in strategy, careers, MSME, and also a personal development coach in Nigeria. He is one top personality that entrepreneurs and small business owners should follow. He offers tips for business building and personal development through live streams and other regular posts.   

 4. Startupboss (@startupboss)

 Another brand personality to follow on Instagram is @startupboss. On this page, you will learn about saving, becoming an investor, and other finance issues. There is content such as business tips, investment tips, marketing tips, healthy spending tips, entrepreneurial tips, and an overall healthy lifestyle. The page makes use of images/graphics as well as texts to share this information. Following this personality on Instagram can sub-consciously shapen your mindset on saving, spending, and finance.

5. Thrive (@thrivefinancial)

 Thrive offers actionable investment and personal finance tips. On this page, you will learn how to manage, grow, and protect your money. They offer content on Nigeria’s economy, preparing a budget, financial terms, tips in stock purchasing, and other investment opportunities in Nigeria

 6. @Clevergirlfinance

The page, @clevergirlfinance is owned by Bola Sokunbi. They offer tips on achieving financial goals. The page has a lot to offer in terms of finance and business. They offer investment guidelines including, how to create investment objectives and achieve them, creating financial goals, determining the value of an investment (if it’s worth the risk or not), and others. They also offer saving and business development tips. Videos, images, and texts are often used to deliver this content. The content offered on this page is one that you would enjoy seeing on your Instagram feed, as it has a lot to offer.

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