Top Business/Finance Personalities to Follow on Facebook

Learning about business and finance at every given opportunity is a habit that will yield positive results for every Nigerian. As an entrepreneur in Nigeria, there are a lot of things you can learn from other business gurus who have gone through a similar path. Besides learning about entrepreneurship, you can learn about investment opportunities, attaining financial stability, and how to properly control your finances.

Social media are often used during leisure hours to connect with people and to relax. However, by following the right people, you can learn finance at every point in time and broaden your knowledge. Facebook is a social media platform that makes use allows images, texts, videos, and live streams. These elements are used by business personalities in Nigeria to deliver quality information to their followers. There are top business and finance personalities you can follow on Facebook that would enrich you on building a business, financial planning, and lots more.

Here are the top business and finance personalities to follow on Facebook:


Tricia Ikponwomba (@Triciabiz ) is a business consultant and coach in Nigeria. She is a business guru, and gives tips to entrepreneurs and business owners on customer acquisition, branding, and making sales. She is a relatable entrepreneur and delivers practical solutions for African businesses in Nigeria. As a business owner or entrepreneur, following her on Facebook will be of great value to you and your business. Follow her on Facebook and learn vital tips for your business.

John Obidi

John is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, and founder of Headstart Africa. Avance Media listed him in 2017 & 2018 as one of the most influential young Nigerians in Personal development and Academia. John won the Future Awards prize for new media in 2018. For business tips and coaching, John is certainly a personality you should follow.

MC Godliness (@MrMcBusinessFaculty)

Another personality to learn from is MC Godliness. He is a business guru who started from a tender age. From an early age, he started by renting his bicycle, then moved to cut boy’s hair in his secondary school. He sees business owners/ entrepreneurs as service and solution providers and has always done that. He is currently the CEO of MCPC Solutions Nigeria ltd and the Country Director of Discover Essence Luxury. He is also a well-rounded coach in business development, financial intelligence, and leadership. From his past experiences in starting a business to his financial tips on achieving financial goals, there is a lot to learn by following him on Facebook.

Tony Elumelu

Mr. Tony Elumelu is an economist, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist in Nigeria. He is the chairman of the United Bank for Africa, Transcorp, and Heirs Holdings. He is also the founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation and was included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. There is a lot to learn from this influential business guru. He shares his experiences on business, investment, and the financial situation of Africa. He also offers opportunities and funding for businesses in Nigeria from time to time. He is a personality you should follow on Facebook


Sycamore is a peer to peer lending platform that offers investment opportunities and loans for both individuals and businesses in Nigeria. They offer financial tips, investment tips, opportunities, and funding for businesses in Nigeria. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on the financial world.




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