Top 5 TV Shows (series) on Business/Finance and Investment

The best way to learn about business, finance, and investment is to pick a book on the subject and read. However, books relating to finance are not exactly fun to read. They are generally dull and take you straight to the lesson. Although it is very advisable to pull your way through, and learn about finance thoroughly by reading books, you can also watch some TV shows and learn a few things about business, finance and investment. These shows are practical as the stories are wrapped around real-life situations in business, finance, and investment. Here are the top 5 TV shows on business/finance and investment you need to watch.

Mad Money

The show ‘Mad money’ would teach you how to analyze stocks and the market like a pro. The host of the show Jim Cramer, is quite knowledgable on the activities of the stock market. The host is knowledgeable on the market changes, the factors that affect industries, and the personalities behind successful companies. Jim uses his knowledge to educate viewers on how the market works. His goal, according to his “Mad Money Manifesto,” is to “level the playing field” by helping people invest like a pro.
Most of the things discussed on the show can be read in books. However, the host has a personality that makes it easier to learn about the stock market, and motivates one to invest.

The Profit

The Profit is an American documentary-style reality show. In each episode, the multi-millionaire CEO, Marcus Lemonis invests in struggling businesses in exchange for an ownership stake in the company. In the show, we learn the importance of people in every business.

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The show also emphasizes on product strategy and execution which is the basis for profit in every business. Marcus learned all he could about the “three Ps” – people, products, and processes – and he uses this knowledge in selecting the businesses to invest in. In this show, there are several things to learn about including how to manage teams, run a business, and mitigate loss, among others. You’ll also learn different business tips and financial advice that would help you in your next business or financial decision.

Squawk Box

Squak Box is another show to learn about business and investment. They introduce the world of stock market investment easily and comprehensively.
The shows explore issues affecting the stock market. The show is hosted by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin. They interview big shots in the finance and political world such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Alan Greenspan, among others at the Squawk Box table. The guests discuss a variety of issues on business, investment, the likelihood of changes in the world’s economy, and other issues. The show is a must-watch to lean the necessary tips on business, finance, and investment.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a little similar to “The Profit”. In the show, real business owners pitch their companies to investors hoping to get them to invest with them. However, instead of dealing with a single investor, the show has a panel of wealthy and successful investors- referred to as ‘sharks’. The panel includes; Mark Cubana-billionaire businessman, Barbara Corcoran- a real estate tycoon, and Daymond John- a hip-hop fashion mogul. The show would help you understand how investors think, how to pitch your business, and probably equip you with business ideas and strategies.

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Keiser Report

Keiser Report is a show on financial news and analysis. It is hosted by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert and has been running from 2009 till present. Each episode has two parts. In the first part, they discuss current financial topics and comment on the actions of bankers and financial media reports. In the second part, they have a guest interview, either face-to-face or through video conferencing. The show teaches the latest happening in the global finance world.

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