Target Contribution: A New Way to Save and Earn

As usual, Sycamore always has more for you and we are true to our word. We always look for the best ways to grow and manage your finances: From personal and business loans to daily interest in your wallet balance, and now we have introduced a brand-new way to save and earn, called Target Contribution.


Target contribution is a versatile savings feature in our mobile app, created to help you achieve your financial goals, by giving you a whole new means to earn, and save towards a bright future. 


Our target contribution feature has two different plans:

Goals: Think of this as your virtual ‘kolo’. We have established a special way to save money where you can have a specific savings target of your choice. Here, you can define your target savings amount and the frequency you would like to save. For example, you can choose to save ₦2 million in 6 months and save at least ₦10,000 a day, or more. Also, we made things easier by creating an autosave function where you input your debit card details for easy deduction – the choice is yours! 

Whether it’s a dream vacation or a dream car or house, Goals is the perfect tool to keep you on board.  Also, you can manually top up your contributions anytime, before or after the expected top-up date. Talk about maximum liberty!

Flex Purse: This is a more flexible plan for people who don’t like pressure 😁. We created a more flexible approach, where you can save any amount at any time, without setting a specific savings goal. Here, you can save on your terms, as you can choose the Autosave option or not. 

This new feature is tested, approved, and trusted by early users who have already explored this unique way to save. Did I also mention that you get daily interest in your wallet anytime you save? What a double flex!


We released this feature to help you save your money and also earn interest while you save to grow your money over time. We are keen on improving financial security and this feature can enable you to make better financial decisions and increase wealth over time.

We have more in store for you, so make sure to update your Sycamore app to test this cool feature and save towards a brighter future.

Remember to give us a 5-star rating as you do so!

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