SBL 34–10 Investment Commandments

Welcome to SBL34 (Sycamore Business Lab): our periodic blog post where we address issues affecting you and your business.

In our last post, we emphasized our preference for investments over savings. In this post, we will talk about 10 investment commandments. This is going to be a noticeably short post as we believe that these commandments pretty much speak for themselves.

What do you think about them? Do you have anything to add? Please share your thoughts with us:

1. Thou shall diversify thy portfolio

2. Thou shall avoid Ponzi schemes

3. Thou shall invest in what thy understands

4. Thou shall take note of expenses, fees, and other costs related to an investment

5. Thou shall invest in thyself

6. Thou shall have an investment strategy

7. Thou shall invest what thou can afford

8. Thou shall research before investing

9. Thou shall grow thy investment portfolio consistently

10. Thou shall be weary of false prophets (questionable financial analysts who are quick to make predictions)

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