5 Tips to Earn an Extra Income this December

‘Tis the season to be jolly! 

You will agree with me that December is another word for billings. The twelve days of Christmas is indeed a real thing. We’ve booked a session at our favorite spa, stocked up our houses with foodstuffs and snacks, traveled to be with our family and friends, booked a makeover at our favorite salon, or created a bucket list of places we would love to visit this December. Oh, that feeling when you step out of your house and hear a Christmas hymn next door: What a time to be alive!

December is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It comes with a feeling of bliss, peace, and joy, remembering that the year is coming to an end and we made it. Spending money isn’t even a problem because it’s part of December’s tradition, am I right? What if you can change your pattern this year: What if you can make extra money while planning for detty December? Keep reading to find out how!


  1. Gifts Curation:

Gifting is a popular activity this season. Companies, Individuals, Churches, Schools, and all kinds of organizations will be sharing gifts and you can make cool cash from this! Become a personal gift shopper for people and curate thoughtful gift items in a box, or a hamper, at a fee. You would get lots of patronage because it saves them the stress of going to the market. 

To get customers, start by advertising your boxes, hampers, gift ideas, and interest rate per package on social media.

2. Rental Services:

Rental services: How to make money this December

Rental businesses are popular during festive seasons. Once it’s December, social activities double and that makes it a profitable business. People are always looking for where to rent a space, chairs, canopies, dresses, or even a private car. To make money from this, watch out for people’s most pressing needs. Have them in your possession and rent them out at a fee. Once people find out you have what they’re looking for, they’ll pay you any amount just to have access to it!

3. Santa for Hire!:

Santa for Hire!: How to make money this December

Become a Santa mascot! Purchase Santa costumes, put on your jolly character, and offer your services to parties, gatherings, and events this season. Kids would love to be around you!

4. Christmas Decoration services:

Christmas Decorations Services: How to make money this December

You can purchase several Christmas decorations and rent them out at a fee. You can also double as a professional decorator and have people pay you double! Many people are searching for decorators to transform their homes, offices, and even churches this season.

5. Personal shopping:

Personal Shopping: How to make money this December

People have a lot on their schedule this December. You can ease their stress by becoming a personal shopper! Offer personal shopping services to help busy individuals find the time to concentrate on other important activities this season. This includes virtual shopping on sites or physical shopping from stores, and you can charge per hour you spend.

There are 1001 ways to make money this Christmas. It’s up to you to study your environment, point out people’s needs, and pay attention to them. This way, you would be able to discover the best business idea to tailor your audience. Most of these ideas require little or no capital to start. However, if you would require a personal loan, you know where to find us!  

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