5 Applications to Make Working from Home More Productive

Due to the global pandemic, most companies in Nigeria have been forced to let their employees work from home. Working remotely could be quite relaxing and less stressful because you’re working from your comfort zone. However, it is quite easy to get distracted. You may get carried away on social media, or with other activities around you. There are several applications you can use to focus and increase your productivity with your work. When working from home, it is important to have a fixed mindset, a good work structure/ routine, and productive applications to keep you on your toes. Here are five top applications to make working from home more productive.

1. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking app that helps you track how much time you spend completing a task. It offers online time tracking and reporting services. When working from home, you can monitor how long you spend working, and how long you spend on other activities. From the on-set, Toggl was designed for remote workers (freelancers) to ensure they were billing for projects and paid for the time they spend working. With Toggl, you can increase your productivity by analyzing how long you spend on a task and trying to get better. By pointing out the tasks that take longer than expected to accomplish (both for individual and collaborations), you can actively track your productivity issues.

2. Zoom

Another app that can help your productivity is the Zoom app. Zoom offers free video and audio calls for both groups and individuals. With Zoom, you can communicate better with your clients and superiors. Communication is very important when working from home, and being in constant communication with your team, can boost your productivity level. You can host webinars, message team members, conduct business meetings with the application.

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3. Slack

As earlier stated, communication is vital when working from home. Slack is a messaging application designed for communication between teammates in an organization. It allows you to communicate easily with your teammates and colleagues at work. You can easily chat with your teammates and constantly be updated on the projects and tasks you have for the day. Slack offers instant messaging, file sharing between teammates, voice and video calls, and screen sharing. When using Slack to communicate with your teammates, you also have to be careful not to deviate from work-related topics for too long, to increase your productivity.

4. Trello

Having a good structure and organized routine when working from home will help improve your productivity. Trello is an application that helps you and your team get organized. It is a collaborative task management application that helps manage the daily activities of you and your team. Trello has boards, lists, and cards for both individual and collaborative tasks. It helps prioritize your tasks and improve your productivity level.

5. Google Drive

Google drive offers document creation, file sharing, cloud storage, and collaborations on documents. It is a cloud-based alternative to Microsoft Office with added advantages. You can create documents like word, presentation, and spreadsheet, and share them in real-time with your team members. It makes editing of documents and collaboration on projects between you and your team much easier.
Besides editing and sharing documents, you can also save all your work-related projects on the cloud. So if you’re having power issues, or your device crashes, you can easily use another device without any file loss.

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It is crucial to note that productivity when working remotely, is not tied down to the applications you use, but to your level of determination and concentration on the projects and tasks you have. Try to avoid distractions, relax when necessary, make use of productivity apps, and have a proper daily work routine. Make working from home an advantage to both you and your organization.

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